C/C++ / Audio Software Engineer – London

C/C++ / Audio Software Engineer – London
QPTech - IT - UK - 2610

Recruiters Comments: We’re looking for a skilled C/C++ Software Engineer with a creative personality to join a diverse London team of augmented-reality developers.

This Company where there as you enjoyed incredible movies in your home, helping to ignite everyone’s imagination. they were there in the car, providing road trips with crystal clear soundtracks. They are there with billions of consumers as they created amazing stories. They can’t wait to see what’s next and how you can be a part of it.

Whilst working from home, the ideal candidate will be London-based or within travel distance to London to benefit from the best of both worlds

If you are passionate about coding and you have a keen interest in Audio development this could be the role for you.

As an audio programmer for this team, you will work on next generation spatial audio solutions for augmented reality applications on PC, console and mobile platforms.

Job Description:

Is this you:

  • Your passion is the code, but the final product drives you
  • You’re an excellent C++ programmer with a bag of tricks – you know when to use them, and when not to
  • You’re a planner – you know what you know, what you don’t and can adapt accordingly
  • You know when to work with the team and when to get your head down
  • You lead by example – sharing your knowledge and learning from others is part of your core
  • You know how to share your understanding of technology the right level of detail for the right person
  • You’re comfortable with open-ended requirements, but can break them down into manageable objectives 
  • You’re a problem solver and can quickly find the key factors required to make it work
  • You’re decisive – you know when something’s done, when to move on or when try a different approach
  • You know how to take on something new without fear – you adapt quickly
  • You’re a techie at heart but understand the creative process of game, VR and AR development.
  • You know when to improve code and when to leave it alone.



  • BSc. in computer science, or equivalent
  • Solid C++ skills
  • Strong maths (3D Geometry, Signal Processing or other relevant area)
  • Demonstrable background in Audio DSP or algorithm development
  • Knowledge of Optimisation, Multi-threaded development and cross-platform development
  • Source Control
  • Visual Studio


Extras that will help:

  • Production experience working with Wwise, FMOD, Unity, Unreal
  • Game development experience
  • Python
  • Jenkins or other CI tools
  • Experience in an Agile/Scrum environment
  • Git or Mercurial
  • VR SDKs such as PSVR, Oculus
  • XCode
  • Content development
  • SDK development
  • Tool Development
  • Matlab
  • CMake


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Recruitment Contact

Contact: Emilia Los

Telephone: 061209519

Email: hr@qptech.ie

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