JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Developer

Recruiters Comments: Would you like to join a customer-focused, product-first company? Our client offers a revolutionary cloud-based integrated solution comprising record management, customer relationship management, inventory, event scheduling, accounting, financial management, data analytics and business intelligence.

You will have the opportunity to learn and build some truly world-leading technology using state-of-art web technologies (the next-generation features include work on data analytics, machine learning, AI, offline-first mobile applications, voice controlled-apps, and multiple ground-breaking integrations with data providers and service providers).

This is an opportunity to make a real impact in a startup environment - be part of this project right from the early stages.

Job Description:

What technologies will you be using?

Our client has a small team of engineers and have successfully designed and built a product. You’ll be part of this growing team, and help design, implement, and deploy the next tier of software components. The core technologies are JS, HTML, CSS, REST. Server is also written in JavaScript (NodeJS) using MongoDB as a data store. The application server is hosted on AWS. We deploy to web (modern browsers only), iOS, Android, and Windows (same code base, using Capacitor / Electron).

  • Reactive UI views (similar to React, Vue, Svelte, etc…)
  • Single-file UI components for views (similar to .vue components)
  • Client-side multi-threading via Web Workers
  • Simple declarative UI templates (HTML & CSS)
  • Live data updates (via Server Sent Events)
  • Seamless data layer (similar to Ember Data + CouchDB / PouchDB)
  • Native web components for common elements (e.g. Buttons, Input Fields)
  • Encrypted offline data cache (similar to IBM JSONStore)
  • Server-side data pipelines (similar to Apache Kafka)


Architecture goals include:

  • Ensure separation of concerns for the core layers (server processing, data sync, REST API, business logic, client-side storage, UI components, etc.). Make each module do one thing, and do it well.
  • Have high-performance (runtime) baked in by default.
  • Great DX – it should be fast and seamless to build out new components without the mental overhead of the effect on other layers.
  • Common client / server modules and business logic use the same code to keep internal APIs consistent, and reduce duplication of logic.


Experience and skills required:

  • Solid fundamentals in web application technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure fundamentals (virtual machines, basic networking principles, Linux command line).
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Experience building web services and APIs, for example in JavaScript (NodeJS, Deno), Python, Java, C/C++, Ruby, PHP.
  • A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, object-oriented design and systems architecture.
  • Experience building API-driven client applications (e.g. REST, GraphQL).


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Contact: Emilia Los

Telephone: 061209510


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