Ann O’Donnell – Recruitment Consultant

Ann O'Donnell - QP Recruitment

Ann O'Donnell - QP Tech Recruitment

1. First and foremost I am a mammy to 2 kids. They are great and keep me on my toes every day in a good way as we manage school, work and family life. I am mom’s taxi.

2. I could not get through the day without TEA! Lots of it. If there is a problem there is always a cup of tea to fix it.

3. I love travel. Nothing beats heading to the Airport. I have lots of places on my bucket list and fingers crossed I will reach my goal of getting to each one.

4. I love shopping. Nothing more to say on this I love it.

5. Home Improvement programmes are my favourite. I am always planning on what improvements I can do at home and love getting lost watching other people’s homes and what they have done to them.