Emilia Los – Recruitment Consultant

Emilia Los QPTech

1. Coffee Lover – because “Life is too short for a bad coffee”.

2. In 2004 I came to Dingle and fell in love with Ireland. I remember when I said to my friends that I’d like to live in Ireland someday… A few years later I came back again and stayed for good. I already visited many beautiful places in here but there are still many left to see…

3. Pokémon, Minecraft, games…- this is my life outside a work. I am a mom of an 8 year old…POKEMON

4. “Good shoes take you good places” – I just love shoes, especially the comfortable ones.

5. I don’t have my own dog at the moment…but with my family, whenever we have time, we go to The Field of Dreams Sanctuary and take dogs for a long walk. It is a really small thing to do but makes them so happy.