Interview Preparation Advice

Interview preparation is the key to interview success. The more you prepare, the better your results. Do you need a helping hand in preparing for an upcoming interview? QPTech are happy to offer interview preparation coaching. We can help you prepare competency interviews, traditional interviews, panel interviews, Skype interviews and phone interviews.

The Process

A recruitment professional will be assigned to help you in your preparation for interview. Our expert recruitment team will put at least 8 hours to in preparation and in meeting you to prepare you for your interview

The process will include 2 sessions. Initially we will chat with you to determine what kind of interview you would like to prepare for, what you would like to work on in the sessions and what you would like to get from the process. We will then conduct a mock interview which will be recorded and then watch it back with you to pin point areas to work on. This serves as the basis for a detailed assessment and feedback, from which will come concrete specific guidelines.

The second session will comprise of another mock interview where you will apply the lessons learned in the first session and hone your interview skills further. We will review all you have learned and cover any final questions you may have.

This Session Will Help You:

  • Do a better interview
  • Prepare more efficiently for interview
  • Identify competencies and abilities
  • Prepare effective answers
  • Deal confidently with probing questions
  • Rehearse your interview
  • Deal with nerves and anxiety

Pay Now With PayPal

The interview preparation coaching service detailed above cost just €280 and can be paid for online by clicking on the PayPal button below. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.

A member from the QPTech team will contact you shortly after your payment is completed to arrange a date and time that suits you.