Mike Minihan – CEO of QPTech

Mike Minihan - Founder of QPTech

Mike Minihan QPTech

1. Family – Very lucky to have the support of my family in all of the major decisions in my life. They are also great craic to be out with.

2. Golf – I’m a self-confessed golf nut and have a great bunch of buddies that I play with every Sunday in every weather conditions.

3. Rugby – I do come from the rugby capital of Ireland. I’d like to say I was a handy fly half in my day. Young Munster fanatic and Munster fan.

4. Music – I love all types of music and have been trying to master the guitar for over 2 decades. Never played in public!

5. Travel – I love to travel with my family. There are a few locations on my bucket list that I need to start making plans to see.

6. Cycling – Recently joined the Lycra brigade. Making good progress. I hope to god that my wife never finds out what I really paid for my bike!!!