Lessons You Will Learn the Hard Way Before You Succeed

Lessons You Will Learn the Hard Way Before You Succeed

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    There are some lessons you can learn by reading books and some that you can only learn by experiencing. Unfortunately, those are the ones that you learn the hard way. Sure, you can also learn these lessons by listening to old and wise because they have already been where we are but most of the time we ignore them or don’t listen to them carefully and forget their advice. Thus, we learn some of these lessons by living our lives and generally these cost us unpleasant experiences. Below you can find 3 of these lessons.

    • Have a Clear Direction: You can succeed in anything you want but you need to have a clear direction. You need to know where you are headed. In this way, you can use your skills and abilities towards that direction. Also, be %100 committed to your goal. If you want to get what you want, you need to commit all of your time and energy to it. Otherwise, you cannot succeed. For example; if you think that you will try out your new idea for a few months and continue only if it works, then, you cannot be successful because you are not committing all of your mind to it.
    • Don’t Trust Everyone: You may be a kindhearted person and think everybody has a good heart like yours. Unfortunately, this is not true. People will always disappoint you especially the ones that are close to you the most. People are selfish and jealous by nature and therefore, once they find an opportunity to stab you in the back, they will probably do it. Still, you need others throughout your life so you need to learn how to manage your relationships and whom to trust for what.
    • Money cannot be your sole motivation: Money is just an intermediary to help you reach your needs and it cannot be your major motivation. A lot of people want to be successful because they want to be very rich. However, this cannot get you far. You can only be successful if you solve other people’s problems. If you create a value for others, then you get your reward which is earning more money and getting rich. However, you have to focus on helping others first. The most successful organizations in the world are the ones that make a change in other people’s lives. If you can touch others’ lives, then, you can become very successful and get your reward for it.
    Lessons You Will Learn the Hard Way Before You Succeed was originally published on Personal Branding Network: http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/lessons-you-will-learn-the-hard-way-before-you-succeed/

    Ceren Cubukcu is a top 5 bestselling author of Make Your American Dream A Reality: How to Find a Job as an International Student in the United States. She recently founded her consulting business to help more international students find jobs in the US in addition to her self-service digital event ticketing platform, Etkinlik Fabrikam (My Event Factory), to offer her webinars. You can follow her via Facebook or contact her via www.cerencubukcu.com/contact .